Neil Ashley

Date of Birth

25/02/Too Many Years Ago







When I started competing there was no internet or social media, bodybuilding was still very much an underground sport. The vast majority of people got into bodybuilding through the recommendation from one of the older members of your local gym or someone else who competed. And that’s how I got into it, Dave Langley who worked at our gym suggested I did a show as he thought I had potential to do well. He found my first local show for me, as I didn’t have a clue where to look, and encouraged me to go for it.

Competition History

2000 ANB Yorkshire Novice 3rd Place
2000 ANB Great Britain Finals Novice 1st Place
2003 Mr Northern UK Middleweight 4th Place
2003 ANB Central Championships 3rd Place
2005 NPA Yorkshire Middleweight 2nd Place
2005 BNBF Northern Middleweight 2nd Place
2006 UKBFF North West under 80kg Intermediates 2nd Place
2006 NPA Yorkshire Middleweight 1st Place
2006 UKBFF under 80kg Intermediate Finalist
2006 NPA Great Britain Finals Middleweight 2nd Place
2008 NPA Mike Williams Classic Middleweight 1st Place
2008 NPA Mike Williams Classic Overall 1st Place
2008 NPA Mike Williams Classic Pro-Am 3rd Place
2010 UKBFF Midlands Classic Class
2010 NPA Mike Williams Classic Middleweight 1st Place
2010 NPA Mike Williams Classic Overall 1st Place
2010 NPA Mike Williams Classic Pro-Am 2nd Place
2012 UKBFF North West Classic 1st Place
2012 UKBFF Great Britain Finals Classic 2nd Place
2014 IBFA Mr Pennine Class 2 1st Place
2014 IBFA Mr Pennine Overall 1st Place
2014 UKBFF North West under 90kg 1st Place
2017 UKBFF Midlands under 90kg 1st Place
2017 UKBFF Great Britain Finals under 90kg Top 10
2022 PCA Midlands Over 40’s 1st Place
2022 PCA Britain Finals Over 40’s 2nd Place


I’m still looking for my second Britain title before I retire! I have never been totally satisfied with any of the shows I have done, there’s always room for improvement. You can always improve on your previous outing.

Who Inspires You?

My early inspiration came from the great bodybuilders of the mid to late 90’s, the likes of Yates, Wheeler, Ray, Levrone, Cormier and Charles Clairmonte. Nowadays its the likes of Flex Lewis, Anth Bailes and Sasan Heirati who inspire me to train harder, smarter and get more shredded for the stage!

What Motivates You?

I’m motivated to be better than my previous outing! As I stated previously there’s always room for improvement, I feel that the best of me is still to come!

Favourite Tune to Train To?

I love a bit of techno and hard house when training, Joey Beltram DJ sets are my favourite to train to and do cardio to. That said, Linkin Park Hybrid Theory is a great album to train to.

Why Fireball Labz?

I was previously sponsored by a large American supplement company for 10 years and I have always said if I were to be offered another sponsorship it would have to be a UK brand. I personally know the guys behind Fireball Labz, so I know their integrity. I believe in them and their products, they’re not cashing in on the supplement market, they’ve entered into it as they feel that they have quality supplements to offer UK athletes.