Neale Cranwell






I train to exhaustion 6 days a week, eat the correct diet to remain in shape all year round & I was the owner of Krunch Gym in Essex  for 15 years. Having won some major titles within BodyBuilding I’m still hungry for many more and competing with the UK branch of the world’s largest federation, the IFBB (2Bros), aswell as WABBA & PCA.

I have been competing for over 20 years at various levels both at home and abroad. Competing in the USA and Australia along with being fortunate to be on the GB Musclemania team competing in Hungary…..the United Kingdom NAC Team competing in the World championships and the Mr Universe competitions held in Greece & Germany. Along with WPF Great Britain team Competing at Mr Universe in Italy, WABBA at the Mr Universe in Portugal and finally the IBFF World and Mr Universe in Italy. I’ve seen it all….

Competition History

ANB SE Runner Up, -90kg Class 2001
ANB Midlands Runner Up, -90kg Class 2001
Musclemania Light Heavyweight UK Runner Up 2002
Musclemania Europe Heavywieght Runner Up
Muscle Beach, LA, Heavyweight Runner Up 2005
Mr Titan 2006 Tall Class Winner
Mr Titan 2006 Police Class Winner
Mr Titan 2006 2 x Best Presentation
Mr Titan 2006 Overall Winner
WABBA 2006 Hercules 3rd Place Heavyweights
NABBA SE 2007 1st Place, Class 2 – qualified for Britain 2007 plus invitation to NABBA Pro AM
NABBA PRO AM 2007 3rd Place Overall
Mr TITAN 2007 1st Place Heavyweights
Mr TITAN 2007 1st Place Best Police Officer
Mr TITAN 2007 Best Legs In Competition Award
NAC British Open 2007 2nd Place, Tall Class – qualified for NAC Universe 2007 in Germany Dec 1st 2007
NAC Mr UNIVERSE 2007 GERMANY 8th Place, Tall Class
UKBFF STARS OF TOMORROW 2007 1st Place Intermediate Heavyweight Class 2007 – Qualify For UKBFF British Finals Oct 2008
NAC British UK 2008 2nd Place – qualified for NAC World Championship 2008 in GREECE
NAC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2008 – Greece 5th Place
NAC British Open 2008 1st Place, qualified for NAC Universe 2008 in Germany Dec 2008
UKBFF Midlands 2009 – Heavyweight Winner
NABBA WORLD Czech Finals Open Class in Oct 2009 6th Place
2009 WPF heavyweight Mr Universe in Italy
2010 NAC World Champion in Mercia Spain
2012 IBFA Mr Universe 2nd place
2012 IBFA European Championships Overall Champion
2013 UKBFF South Coast Heavyweight Champion
2013 IFBB USN Body Power Classic Heavyweight
2013 IFBB USN Body Power – Overall Winner
2015 IBFA Mr Universe 1st Place & Overall
2015 IBFA Mr Europe 1st Place
2017 IBFA Mr Universe 1st Place & Overall
2017 IBFA Mr Europe 1st Place
2017 PCA British Finals Masters 1st Place
2018 IBFA World Championship 1st Place & Overall
2018 PCA British Finals Masters 1st Place
2018 WABBA Mr Universe 2nd Place
2019 IBFA Mr Universe 1st Place & Overall
2019 IBFA Mr Europe 1st Place
2020 IFBB 2Bros British Finals Heavyweight 1st Place

Who Inspires You?

Bodybuilder & friend, Eddie Abbew, for all his help and advice with my contest prep when I started . He is one Pro that still after all these years of bodybuilding actually truly loves the sport and enjoys his training and training others. Also Jeff Surrette in USA for his nutritional know how, no bull, approach to real results and attention to detail. Jeff truly has been pivotal inspiration to my success and progress in bodybuilding , improving hugely in last 2 years! Jeff, I truly thank you!

What Motivates You?

Train in an environment with like minded others and those that are better than you & surround yourself with a positive environment and support structure of other competitors and a strong family unit!

Favourite Tune to Train To?

I love listening to either hard rock or hard tech house when I train . My Go to at the moment is Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard, Rage against the machine and also NUKID on the tech house side. Give them a listen

Why Fireball Labz?

I’m super excited and feel honoured to be part of Team Fireball Labz. The company direction and potential is so positive and driven,  the products are of such high spec, I wouldn’t trust any other brand to power me into greater results in the gym . Since using Jaw breaker, the pre workout, my training intensity has almost doubled and the training volume I can do in the gym now is unparalleled, in fact I’m having to give servings to my training partners or that just can’t keep up with me!