Mark Timms

Date of Birth



Newcastle under Lyme


Personal Trainer


Ever since school, all I ever wanted to do was be a professional footballer. This never worked out but I had a good semi pro career playing all over the Midlands and North West.

Even during my football days, I had an interest in the gym but it wasn’t until I finished playing that I seriously got into my own training and I needed something to replace what football gave me.

Getting keen with my own training gave me the passion and drive to open my own functional training facility in 2013 and from there on in, I have loved helping as many people as I have to change their lifestyle on way or another.


Help as many people / clients as I can to get themselves to a better place, not just physically, but also mentally.

Who Inspires You?

No specific people. Just anyone who has found the strength to come back from hard times and get themselves into a “happy place”.

What Motivates You?

Giving my family the best life I can, not just financially but by being the best me I can be. This inspires me to get up every morning and own my day!

Favourite Tune to Train To?

Anything AC/DC

Why Fireball Labz?

They are a Company that care about the products they put out there. Selecting and using only quality ingredients. This in the future will make them stand out from the rest.