Garry Wainwright

Date of Birth








Since a young age I’ve always been an active person playing several sports but later on in my teenage years the gym was something I really took to.

But my competitive years started when I was working in car sales and actually sold a car to an old school body bodybuilder from round by were I lived, I knew of this man and the gym he owned. Next thing led to another and I was standing in his reception in my boxers practicing posing lol!! That was back in 2015 I will never forget Steve who got me into this sport it really has changed my life.

Competition History

1st PCA Midlands Champion 2018
2nd PCA MuscleTalk 2018
1st PCA Ireland Champion 2019
2nd PCA Welsh 2019
3rd PCA Midlands 2019


My goals within this sport is to obtain my IFBB Pro Card and also get to travel and see some amazing countries whilst competing.

Who Inspires You?

This is a hard one to answer, if I’m honest everyone inspires me. There’s nothing more motivating then seeing someone trying to reach there goals whatever the sport might be.

What Motivates You?

I really do love the art of bodybuilding I think it’s amazing how much the body can change if you put your mind to it, seeing my body change through each year and competition motivates me to push more, I definitely haven’t reached my aesthetic goal yet so will definitely keep pushing until we do.

Favourite Tune to Train To?

Duke Dumont – The Giver (reprise)

Why Fireball Labz?

I chose to work with Fireball Labz because the co-owners have an insane background within the bodybuilding and powerlifting industry, since speaking to both of them they have really motivated me to push harder! We have some amazing plans for Fireball Labz and I can’t wait to be a part of the growing company and also get to travel with an amazing team to represent an awesome brand. The products which have been released so far are one of the best I’ve  tried and I know the is so much more in the pipeline to be produced.