David Walsh

Date of Birth





Disabled Strongman


2nd Strongest Disabled Man 2020
Britain’s Disabled Strongman Champion 2020
3rd Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man x 2
Wales Strongest Novice 2013


I started weight training whilst in the Army around 2008,not really having a clue what I was doing! I left the Army in 2010 (after 8 years service) and it wasn’t long before I signed up for my first Strongman contest. From that first contest I was hooked! I loved everything about Strongman from training to competing. I was competing in competitions all across the UK at a good level, qualifying for Britain’s Strongest Man in my federation! However in 2014 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis! I’ve had a number of symptoms from spasms to mobility issues to hand issues! I have Secondary Progressive MS meaning my MS will never get better just progressively worse. I have multiple permanent scars on my spine due to previous MS attacks! I suffer now with mobility issues so I need to use a wheelchair or other mobile aids but often get some other symptoms, which can vary from my hand cramping up to me loosing my speech! This was a huge blow to me as I knew I wouldn’t be able to compete in Strongman anymore…. or so I thought!! 

Not satisfied with stepping away from Strongman, in 2016 I stumbled across Disabled Strongman! It wasn’t long before my first disabled contest which was the South’s of England’s Strongest Adaptive Man where I placed 1st and got a World Record in the Seated Deadlift. A few months after, I competed in my first Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man and placed 3rd. I then took some time away from the sport to focus on health issues.

I came back in 2019 and placed third again and was invited to the Worlds Strongest Disabled Man 2019, but this contest was in Canada, which was a lot to factor in, in such a short amount of time. 

In December 2020 I placed 2nd in the Worlds Strongest Disabled Man and came first in Britain! 
Basically….. I used to be a standing Strongman, now I am a sitting Strongman, but I am still a Strongman! 

Competition History

Swindon Strongest Novice 2012

Watford Strongest Novice 2012 

Body Power Strongest Novice 2013 

Wales Strongest Novice 2013 – 1st Place

Bristol’s Strongest Man Open 2013

Trojans Strongest Man 2014 

Britain’s Strongest Natural Man 2014

South’s Strongest Adaptive Man 2016 – 1st Place

Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man 2016 – 3rd Place

Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man 2019 – 3rd Place 

World’s Strongest Disabled Man 2020 – 2nd Place 


To become the Worlds Strongest Disabled Man and break some world records along the way! I also want to show just because you are disabled it doesn’t have to stop you achieving your dreams! 

Who Inspires You?

Ronnie Coleman, I love the way he did what he wanted … the way he wanted… and his only regret in life was only squatting 2 reps at 800lbs and not 4 reps!


Michael Jordan, because he’s the greatest athlete of all time from any sport! 

What Motivates You?

I get motivated by the people who see the disability before the person, I may be disabled but that doesn’t mean I am un-abled! 

Favourite Tune to Train To?

I love training to 90s/00s rap, anything from Eminem to DMX and everting in between.

Why Fireball Labz?

I love being part of Fireball Labz as they are a real company with real people leading the front line. With most supplements you have to sacrifice either quality or taste, with Fireball Labz you don’t! You get the best quality supplements with great taste! They care about the products they put under their name and even use the products themselves! I believe it won’t be long until Fireball Labz are market leaders!